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What is the Pet Engineer radio show?

The Pet Engineer is a radio talk show about how pets help people overcome their health, social, and psychological problems, including news, tips, and the latest in the pet industry.

We also bridge the pet industry and the public by helping small and middle size companies to increase their visibility through FREE product reviews, and pet industry news.

If you are a pet lover, this talk show is for you!!

What we Do?
The Pet Engineer shows are free, and can be downloaded  from iTunes and PodBean or you can  subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes, Wordpress, Google Reader, Feed Burner, Bloglines Weblogs, Blubrry, Feedshark, Hardpodcafe, iTunestracks, Podcast, Amigofish, Blinkx, BlogDigger, Blogexplosion, Blubrry, DigitalPodcast, EveryPodcast, Fluctu8, Getapodcast, Ibizradio, Miroguide, Mirpod, Plazoo, Podbean, Podblaze, Pocast.com, PodLounge, Podcast.tv, PodcastAlley, PodcastBlaster, PodcastDirectory, PodcastingNews, Podcasting-station, PodcastPickle, PodcastPup, Podfeed, Podseek, Podfeed.net, TruMix, RSS Network, Speakup Studios, Podscope,and NewsIsFree .
Who is The Pet Engineer?
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Giana Rosetti is The Pet Engineer radio host. She is an electrical engineer who studied, for many years, animal’s hearing frequency rangesand their behavior towards human language.

Communication is an area that always appealed to Giana, and her affection for pets made her follow her dream to broadcast information to others.

Her main goal is to increase awareness, respect, and strengthen the harmony between people and their pets. For this reason, Giana and The Pet Engineer staff always select the most interesting guests for the radio show, so listeners get inspired and learn something new about themselves and their animals.      

Rosetti comes from the corporate world, and has a mission to bridge the pet industry and the public by helping small and middle size companies to increase their visibility, specially products made in USA.

Giana is the co-author of Numerology for Pets, which teaches the readers the basics of numerology and how to analyze their pets’ names,including which vowels and consonants pets will react positively to.

Giana also the author of Astrology For Pets, which is an astrological compatibility guide between you and your pet.

Giana speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Why share?
We get support through viewers. The more people watch our reviews, the more relevance our website and videos will have. This way, we support animal causes, the pet industry and educate pet owners at the same time. At the end, our pets are the ones who will benefit from it. So PLEASE TELL OTHERS AND SHARE....

Our values

Getting a pet is a commitment. The fact that you love your pet doesn’t make you a good owner. They require, love, care, space, and proper nutrition. Sometimes, pets are more demanding than children.

On the other hand, having a pet will make you a happier human being. A pet will give you constant emotional fulfillment and unconditional love and acceptance. They are always there for us.

They are great listeners and they never judge us! At the end, we learn a lot from them.

Who do we get support from?

We get support from donations. Our reviews are FREE and we don't charge any pet business to do it, unless they want to advertise with us or request endorsements.

100% of your donation will go towards the animals and rescue efforts. Your help is appreciated.

  100% of your donation will go towards the animals and rescue efforts        

Meet Our Judges

We provide pet owners with real life use of products we review.
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